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Firstly, you would notice that the March 2023 Prophetic Newsletter is coming earlier than its norm, this is because of the peculiarity of the season that Nigeria is in. This is why this newsletter would contain prophecies directed toward the country. However, we often get so much receptive to spiritual things at important life junctions such as the New Year, birthday, whom to marry, and election season. Therefore, we are laden with so much prophetic word and prophecies such as have filled the Nigeria space today.

At such times, I often recline and observe from afar as a personal caution. However, we must say what we have received and seen because if we do not we cannot be called ‘faithful stewards’. And because the elections are in a few days from now, I thought it right to deliver to you what I have received.

Having considered it all, I thought it right to publish these things early here on Medium but not to share them on other social media platforms to keep these truths for a time.

To the Nations

1. March 2023…
It’s a season of “Come and See”. With staggering levels of enthusiasm, many will come from far and near to see.
Come and see the judgment of God
Come and see His holiness
Come and see His acts
Come and see His favor
Come and see His power and
Come and see His bride.

2. On the 18th of February 2023, The Lord says again “my judgment is upon the Francophone beast.”

To Nigeria

At this junction, I wish the reader would go through our newsletters to be able to ascertain the consistent accuracy of our prophetic newsletters. This will brazen you for what you are about to read. We also normally keep names but for this piece, we would use codes.

1. On the 9th of February 2023, God said to me, “As it was in the days of old when the 400 years of the sins of the Amorite came, and I raised Moses to deliver the Children of Israel, so have I raise a leader from among you and from unlikely places and I have called him to lead the nation — Nigeria — out of her Egypt of unrighteousness and corruption to bring her into her Promised land of righteousness and Justice. The journey from Egypt to Canaan is a long one, with its peculiar challenges; ups and downs. But how fast you reach the destination is based on how ready and faith-filled you are.”

God says to “warn the people to wear justice and equity, to deck themselves with righteousness and integrity, for as they fell in those days in the wilderness, many of those with old jackets and wineskin will fall and those with faith will enjoy my increase.”

He ended by saying, “The ascent of the new is not the end in itself but a means to the end.”

2. I was praying for Europe when I saw a quick vision of the old twenty naira note of green color containing General Murtala Muhammad. I knew God was saying something. So after my prayers, I started to dig to find out what about the former head of state. Among many things in his less than the one-year rule, what stood out was

a. He started the plan to return the country to civilian rule which was completed by his successor, Former President Olusegun Obasanjo.
b. He initiated the process of changing the capital territory from Lagos to Abuja due to overcrowding in Lagos.

What this means is that the man was a trailblazer — one who isn’t afraid to start a new thing for others to follow. Initiating a new thing or new project seems to be his thing. More so, a quick examination of his name shows that the Arabic name means “pleasantly favored or mercy”.

The green color reiterates this as it means “newness and a new beginning”. I believe the cycle is back and Nigeria will step into newness this season. It will be that of peace, favor, and prosperity. New frontiers are about to emerge in and around the nation. Be ready for a lot of “first times”.

3. God says, “It is all birth pangs and the pangs will not be cut short, they will be full. Don’t expect them to be stopped abruptly because from the pain of today comes the future. And from its fullness will come a new nation. The pangs will go even beyond the elections but remember as soon as Zion travail, she brought for a child (Isaiah 66:8).” God said this as I began to examine and pray against the violence and riots that we saw at different parts of the nation.

4. Another vision I saw about the Nigeria elections. And in it, I got invited into BAT’s house (by the way, this is like the second time I would be entering his house in a vision). I was shocked and surprised that he invited me in. He spoke to me about his ambition and how he must win.

Then another man entered, he spoke to him too and he asked us to leave. As we were going, I ran after the other man and I knew him to be PYO. He said to me, “thank God BAT invited him because that means everything is still good and safe for him because if he didn’t, he would have sent thugs and used force to arrest him and all.”

So we got into a car, and PYO sat in the passenger’s seat beside the driver. It first felt like BAT was the driver but then, in quick succession, I saw him beside me in the car at the back with some other people. BAT extended a wad of N1000 new note cash towards me, and PYO intercepted and kept a few hundred (N300) between it. Then he gave it to me. Afterward, PYO gave me his cash and it had a lot of different currencies, and I thought they had no value.

So he asked me, “Which would you pick among the two?” As I flipped through the PYO’s cash, I saw his pictures addressing people as he is dressed in white Agbada and his signature cap. Then, I saw that within the notes were dollar notes. I was pleasantly surprised and I said, “I pick PYO’s cash”. And he smiled at me. BAT was mouthing some things but he posed no real threat or competition, till I got down from the car.

All along, the car was driven by someone else I didn’t see the driver and the vision ended.

I would now attempt to explain the vision I saw. Note that in the interpretation of visions, I also may not be entirely right sometimes.

The fact that the car had another driver means there’s another player and it is he who will drive. And as he drives, PYO’s influence will be seen in the economy and be impactful along with the people that he represents (not politics but as a technocrat).

I think the place of PYO in the ground scheme of things is not the President’s seat but impacting young folks and improving the country’s economy. But there’s the honor he has for BAT and I don’t think he will lose that honor for him nor will he directly do things against BAT.

BAT seems to be seated in the driver’s seat for a while. That may be an allusion to the fact that he was thought to win the elections before but he won’t drive this country but will be relegated but the driver will drive the car!

To the Church

God taught me what I call “the Cycle of Revival” and told me to relay it to the church because we are coming into revival. And without prior knowledge of the goal of revival, we will not embrace the fullness of revival and enjoy the blessings thereof. You can read the article here and share it.

God says to the church that the wealth of nations is flowing back to God and His church and expects her to be wise and not squander this increase (Isaiah 23).

In conclusion, with so many prophecies out there, please do well to test all spirits and weigh those prophecies by the Word of God and see if they stand.


Adesoji Fasanya

(Team Lead, Eden House)




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