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Can you for once just try and ignore what you think you already know? This is not to say that what you knew is wrong but as Chuck Missler (1934–2018) said, “the only barrier to the truth is the presumption that we already have it.” What you think you know may just be wrong. What you have been thinking for years may just have been a lie. And what I’m about to say may just be filled with too many assumptions than reality. But let’s take the ride together.

From time memorial, every civilization and culture that had been regards the male gender as superior to her female counterpart. As far back as the ancient Egyptian empire through the Greek-Roman empire up until now, every race place value on the male gender than the female except for a few such as Musuo in China, Bribri in Costa Rica, Akan in Ghana amongst many others. The degree of the matriarchal system in these few cultures differs. From marriage being optional for the Musuo women to Akan of Ghana where men still hold leadership positions to the prohibition of entry for the male gender with the Umojas of Kenya (As compiled by Sarah Madaus, 2019).

I noted the above for many to see that extremes occur with the human culture over the years. It is common knowledge that culture is dynamic and constantly changing, however, the rate of change varies. And the rate of change in some races may be so minimal and near to negligible. Hence, as we move through the journey of culture dynamics, we need to know that the extremes can both exist and even co-exist at a given time.

Now stop and imagine; What if the whole roles were different in the civilized society? What if we grew up seeing matriarchal and matrilineal systems as common and normal? Let your imaginations run wild. Before anyone rejoices or condemns me, just calm down. It’s only an out-of-the-box thinking process.

All things being equal, if the fast-paced races and cultures operate a matriarchal system, the world will not be better off. Let me say it like this. Patriarchal society exists because men were seen with strength, courage, they went for war and the like. Remember battles and war determine who rules or controls land in the ancient world. Except for a few times in folklores and history with female warriors, most warriors were men. So, one wouldn’t blame a society that tilted towards patriarchy. However one can blame the aftermath effects, that’s not the focus of this writing.

I need to note that scientific research has proven that Females have 37–68% of the muscle strength of males in general. The difference in muscle strength between females and males is more on the upper body and less on the lower body. Females are relatively stronger on their legs than arms and shoulders. Men remain, on average, larger and stronger than women, possessing 26lbs (10kg) of skeletal muscle, 40% more upper-body strength, and 33% lower body strength. However, women have a higher life expectancy than men. Biologically, women are not as strong as men but women are tougher and emotionally stronger. Women are largely more caring and brainy.

If all these remain the same and the roles alone were reversed. You will be amazed that the world will not be better for it. Because I guarantee that some 2,000 years down the line, men will start clamoring for gender fairness and bigotry will be used in the other way. If you chat the course a hundred different ways, we will arrive at the same junction ceteris paribus. It tells you that the solution isn’t role reversal howbeit, that each gender understands its role and sees the strength in its role while focusing on a better society. There’s so much advantage in being a woman as it is in being a man. If only we can see it.

Fortunately for us, the One who made both male and female in His image is revealed to us in Christ and now we see that human nature is the enemy, not gender. Humanity is selfish and will use any system it finds to fund itself. We now have Divinity in Christ, which is the ultimate answer to gender inequality, bigotry, racism, corruption, and anything selfish. This is because anyone in Christ has crucified the flesh and its selfish desires on the cross of Christ and now, He carries a life that is above the dictates of humanity.

Adesoji Fasanya

Lead, Eden House



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