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Calvary greetings to you.

Before we go into what we believe is the heart of God for this season, I believe God is raising Prophetic artisans and artists who will show the heart of God through the work of their hands. We had initially released a piece as regards this, please read it here.

This month’s newsletter is written to the body of believers, starting from Nigeria and to other parts of the world. It would be very helpful if the church hears and learn.

As I write this, one thing that is reverberating in the spirit (and has been for a large part of April) is the Jealousy of God. God in His mercy is sending His jealousy to begin to burn and cause a distinction between those for Him and those who are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

A. On the 14th of April 2023, God showed a quick vision of how many who are in the church are actually against His kingdom. Many hypocrites, who have worn the doctrine of Balaam and Jezebel (Revelations 2:14 and 20) have infiltrated our ranks and are perverting the sincere passion and hunger of many. In the vision, I saw many who are proud and of a haughty spirit. I saw them in their clusters or sect in the church. I walked close to be able to have access to them, but I was shut out. It felt like they were in some sort of cult.

God says to tell them to repent and uphold the righteous cause of the Kingdom, else the One who judges righteously by meting out judgment on Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5) is very much alive and His throne is established on justice and righteousness (Psalms 89:14). Prophets, apostles, and everyone called into ministry, God is asking, “Where are your consecrations, where is your faithfulness and confidence in Him?”

After this, God said to me, “There is a need to raise prayers for true men of God, believers must begin to raise their voices more than ever to pray for Church leaders, their families, health, and ministries.” God particularly said to me, ‘They need it”.

B. From May, we will enter into a season of baton exchange. Ancient mantles going from ‘Elijah to Elisha’ in multiple folds. Don’t be dismayed when you begin to see the glorious transitioning of Giants of Faith, for it is that season.

I saw a football match (soccer) between two teams; one team was filled with old and experienced players while the other team was a team of young players with not so much experience. As I looked, I saw that it was not a competition but the purpose of the match was to seek fresh talent, passion, and opportunity to continue to bring glory to the country. So the older players knew this too and decided not to overplay but to give room for the young ones to develop. As the game went on, a voice went through the group of young players and said, “Do not lose your mentality; it isn’t about victory, it is about keeping your spirit high and giving your best.”

This is a direct encouragement to the new crop of young ministers, God is asking for your mentality, faith, and optimism. He is looking for your dedication and faithfulness to the divine assignment (1 Corinthians 4:1–2).

C. On the first of April 2023, I was on a prayer walk in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria, when I saw a billboard with the image of the present Governor and I heard God say…

“Do you remember the word I gave you about the industrialization of Ibadan, you will see it in fulfillment in the next 4 years for when the righteous rule; the people prosper.” Proverbs 29:2.

I checked what John Gill’s commentary said on Proverbs 29:2 and I was amazed.

  1. The righteous being ‘in authority’ isn’t limited to Christians being in political offices and so on but also about the increase in number of believers and their riches, and dominion.
  2. Then, the people will be happy about it and enjoy the advantage thereof.
  3. However, tyranny and wickedness would cause pain for the people either through heavy taxation, exorbitant demands, cruelty, and injustice, to mention a few.

Other scriptures of note are Proverbs 11:10–11 and Proverbs 28:28.

D. In conclusion, in evening worship and prayer, I saw with the eyes of my mind three flowing streams, each one coming out of three continents; South America, Africa, and Asia. The one from South America was strong as a whirlwind; the one from Africa was fiery, burning bright while the one from Asia was forceful like a hammer. With these three streams, like the one that flows from Eden, God is going to fill the earth with His judgment, justice, and righteousness.


Adesoji Fasanya

Eden House, Team Lead.




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