2 min readNov 14, 2022
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From: Adesoji Fasanya (Team Lead, Eden House)

To: All believing Believers in Nigeria

According to the prophecies that have gone ahead by the mouth of the early missionary, Pa Elton, Nigeria would be known among the table of nations, as a country of corruption and unrighteousness. Indeed we have seen corruption of all sorts. We have aligned ourselves with unrighteousness and soaked our whites with evil. We have elected unrighteous men to the seat of power and they compromised on the standards of righteousness and justice. We threw away the warning of proven men of God and made crookedness and perversion elite. We made evil attractable. We rewarded wickedness and evil with beauty and made them who stood for righteousness and equity, common.

Our systems have been eaten deeply by the cankerworm of falsehood and corruption. Mediocrity is rewarded and diligence is cast off like an old garment. Our families are no better off, we’ve thrown away the ancient truths of love and respect. We go about helping broken homes to gain ground. No wonder we are battered by social vices, insecurity, famine, and all manner of evil.

Oh God, we repent of all these and ask that in your mercy and love, help us. We know that we often reject your rule, but we repent. Have mercy on us for your name’s sake. Remember your covenant because while you spoke to us of these days of darkness, you also promised us that after those days, would be a time of righteousness and prosperity; a time of peace and justice.

Nigerians are excellent people, and in most nations of the earth, they are succeeding and helping such nations grow. Alas! It looks different here. But Oh God, who keeps his covenant and promise, you whose words never fail, turn again our captivity. Deliver us from selfish and wicked men; men who hold the destiny of this nation to ransom. No spirit of divination will have this nation, frustrate their evil counsel, o God, you are the only wise God. Let this nation of your delight be seen as such. Raise us men after your own heart to govern while ensuring that the principles of righteousness and justice spread throughout our dear nation.

God, you who holds the universe in your hands and controls the destiny of nations. Remember us in your mercy and direct this nation of your love into her inheritance. 2023 is a tipping point but we shall not tip into destruction and chaos but into peace and prosperity. You are our guardian and we belong to you.

We will return with thanksgiving. Through Jesus Our Lord. Amen!




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