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Greetings to you all in the name of the Lord. We want to congratulate you as we approach the last month in the third quarter of the year. The frenzy of the ‘ember months’ is soon beginning and we all can look back and begin to express our gratitude to God for His protection thus far. As we begin to approach the latter part of the year, let us call to mind one divine principle that stands firm, which is that Divinity crowns the year with goodness or bounty as found in Psalms 65:11. It therefore means, we can engage this principle in petitioning our heart desires and we would receive them.

It has been a year with its peculiarity of ups and downs. We had seasons of unrest, economic depression, flood, famine, kidnappings, crimes of all sorts, and so on. If anything, we established that these are ‘shakings’ that God is permitting on the earth to get the attention of the church. You can read other prophetic newsletters to get more here. It is worthy of note that in many circles, believers are standing up and heeding the call of God. However, in some places, the case is different. Well, our God is a specialist in walking with a few. He even cut down the size of Gideon’s army just so He can display His power (Judges 7). He loves to show His power. *smiles*

What then is the Lord saying as we approach this month of goodness?

  1. To the Nations

I was in my study on the 10th of August, and the portion of scripture I was studying was Matthew 23:37–39. As I prayed, I saw a flying plane with the US flag and the Holy Spirit said that portion of scripture is for the country.

In that scripture, Jesus was rebuking the Pharisees and the Scribes about their hypocrisy, and in verses 37 to 39, he rebuked the city for standing against the establishment of divine agenda and unwillingness to cooperate with Divinity. Many months ago, before we started publishing Prophetic newsletters, God spoke to me about His cycle of movement and how He would visit the US again in mercy and He hoped that they don’t miss the time of their visitation. Now, God is saying, He would leave the country desolate. The consequence of this statement isn’t clear yet but in the simplest form, it means He isn’t a father over the country again until they call upon Him. Remember how God stopped to contend with Man in Genesis 6 and the resulting decadence that followed. Prayers should be offered and sensitization of the masses to a God who rules in heaven and over the earth is key going forward.

As I looked, I saw Macron of France making deals and arrangements with leaders of other countries and persons here and there. Then God said to me, “I will expose the falsehood called ‘Macron’”.

We are not certain about who and what Macron represents but the French have long been deceived by a charade and they know little about what is going on with them. We know the French President has been visiting countries in Africa and other places. It remains to see what exactly he stands for.

On the 15th of August, I and a friend met up to pray and exercise prophetic graces. In the meeting, God said as a prophetic symbol, that the birth of a king is imminent and at the birth, the light will shine and the lie that Macron is selling to the world will be exposed. Note that there is no current royal family recognized by the French state but the royal family still exists.

2. To Nigeria

On the same date, as we prayed, God began to speak to us about Benue State. He said that there is a spirit hiding among the elite and the traditional authorities, it manifests in fear and aggression and keeps the people bound and in poverty. The spirit must be stopped and freedom must come to the people. This freedom will be seen when the children of God rise in preaching the gospel and interceding, for with them the deliverance will begin and spread to the masses. God will tilt the financial scale and wealth will be shifted to the poor, exposing injustice and idolatry.

On the 18th of August, in an open vision, like a flash, I saw politicians in their groups chatting and discussing as the public watched on from a distance. God then said to me, ‘As Nigeria builds up toward the 2023 General Elections, politicians will begin to spill the bean about themselves and others knowingly or not. The people should watch out because the Revealer of secrets is at work (Psalms 90:8, Luke 8:17, Daniel 2:47).

This newsletter would not be completed without this last part — The vision of the codex.

In this vision, a man walked up to me and said that the next game to be played by the President is the game of the codex. As I looked, I saw that in preparation for the general game day, a big hall was acquired which ran on a bad source of electricity/power. But as the preparation went on, a young man who had invested in getting the good source came and got the power issue rectified. As the vision went on, I saw many who were trying to set up the hall. Then I saw myself carry the ‘ark of honor’ (that’s what it was called). I had to quickly set it up so that the president will pass through. By the time I was finishing, the president was already coming in. The figure I saw here as the president was President Muhammadu Buhari. Sadly, he didn’t get through the ark (The president that has no honor among his people).

By the time everything was set, the figure I saw as the President wasn’t Buhari but a young dark man. His face was comely to behold but I couldn’t identify him. He couldn’t have been more than 40 years of age. At this time, he seems to be sitting amongst other presidents of the nations. So I moved closer to him and said, ‘I was told to inform you that the game is about codex’. He looked at me and said, ‘I left my codex at home with my wife, I don’t think I will be able to answer. With a disappointing demeanor, I said ‘don’t worry sir, they are easy questions and games.’ Then the vision lifted.

1. The hall is ‘Nigeria’.
2. The present president of Nigeria (the aged/elderly) is without honor but the young are equipped with making Nigeria better; they did make Nigeria (hall) look better but they are not preparing themselves for top offices.
3. Codex also alludes ‘book of the law’. How many Nigerian youths understand the law of the land and can interpret it? How many young Nigerians can lead? We are doing well but we need to get involved and be ready to lead.
4. The codex also alludes to history or the past as an ancient item and where events were written. How many youths know the history of the nation well? Focus on the history of the nation, it guides toward the future. In the vision, the young president said, ‘the knowledge of the past, the knowledge of the law is with his wife at home.’ How sad!
5. ‘Code X’, a variant of ‘codex’ is a medical term used to pass messages such as emergency cases. We need to urgently get at this!
6. The word ‘codex’ is from the root word ‘trunk of a tree or block of wood or book’.
In the coming years, writers, authors, freelance writers, content writers, and everyone who has a thing or two with ‘writing’, will be the ones to determine the power level and the fate of nations. The game of power that nations and people will play will be determined by writers.

As we began to round off and publish this newsletter, I heard the Holy Spirit say, ‘Turn to Hebrews 10’. As I studied that portion of Scripture, verses 37 and 38 jumped right at me. And Holy Spirit said to me, ‘The coming of the Lord to visit the nations is imminent, but when He comes, would He meet faith on the earth?’ (Luke 18:8).

God is the Judge of the Universe and time and time again, He would visit the earth as a judge to weigh the hearts of men. He did in Genesis 6:5, and Genesis 11:5. Note that the coming of the Lord in this context isn’t with regards to His first coming or second coming but with regards to times and seasons of divine justice.

However, when He does come in such a fashion, faith-filled people are the beneficiaries. Hence, it is dangerous to be without faith and hope in this season. Be like Rahab and keep your faith even when ‘Jericho’ is falling. Patiently hold on to your confidence in God, for He will come.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This September, we would start our Prayer and Word session on Instagram live. The purpose is to equip and edify many with a prophetic outlook. Do well to follow us on Instagram @propheticvibes.

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