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Calvary greetings dearly beloved,

The vision that I am about to release here was a vision I saw on the 8th of March, 2023. I had thought I would release it at the end of the month but the events of today 9th of March, 2023 in Lagos Nigeria is why I am releasing it today.

I am releasing it as a call to prayer for the reduction of the victims of the “pangs” that our dear Nation is now in. As we said before, the pangs will be full but we should pray for divine protection and help.

It was early hours of the day, and I had a vision, it was a school setting and I saw the students writing exams having gone through a series of hard work and night reading.

As soon as the exams finished and they were submitted, the school closed and the students were all jubilating and happy.

Then I saw the National Flag of Nigeria 🇳🇬, a man came and was flying it at half-mast. Then, I turned and looked at it and I said to it in disdain, “remain like that for now o”.

This vision is puzzling to me but as I prayed I got these

  1. The Nigerian people must not be careless about the country and must not disdain her. It is, after all, the country given to them.

2. How come what was a joy to the people, was a thing of National pain (to fly the flag at half mast means there was a national groan most often when someone prominent dies or during a national disaster)? As I prayed, I saw a quick vision of leaders wearing mourning clothes.

3. We pray that God should have mercy on us and our dear country. We say Yes to your will and desire for our nation.

Attached to this is an image showing that the Governor of Lagos State announced that the Nigeria flag is flown at half-mast because of the victims of the train-bus crash earlier in the day.

Be spurred to pray. You can join the SONN Telegram community if you need a prayer community.


Adesoji Fasanya

(Team Lead, Eden House)




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