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Calvary greetings,

As a way of introduction, I would like to remind us of how God spoke to us about exposing the falsehood called ‘Macron’. And the past weeks in France have revealed that. This is not to puff up but to help position our hearts toward receiving the word of God. We, however, send our prayers to France and its people that the nation be redeemed.

Secondly, there is a common error among Nigerians, many think the new Nigeria is all about the election of a particular person as President of the nation. But that’s not true.

New Nigeria is beyond one person elected to office, it’s about every citizen rising to do their part for the greater good; it’s about the embrace of righteousness and Justice by all; it’s about the Nigerian system working, and yes, in that day we will have good and competent men in elected and appointed officials, we will also have righteous and law-abiding citizens.

This was why before the elections, we tweeted this;

And as God had said to us, the birth pangs will continue until it’s full, then will the new be born in a day (Isaiah 66:8).

What then have we received from God?

It was a day after the gubernatorial elections and I had my mind fixed on God in contemplation, meditating upon the events in the country (Nigeria) when God led me to study Judges 19–21. In this story, we read how certain ‘sons of Belial’ who were in Gibeah of Benjamin had committed an abomination that led to a civil war. All the children of Israel came to Mizpah and after deliberations, they fought with the tribe of Benjamin. Here are some of the important things to note;

  1. The children of Israel fought the evil and the evil kept winning until the third battle. That they lost one battle wasn’t enough to discourage them from judging evil.
  2. The strategy for the third battle changed and was more calculated.
  3. After the victory, the children of Israel weren’t celebrating a victory over their ‘brother’ but were saddened by the lot that fell upon Benjamin although it was the right judgment.
  4. The inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead who had turned a blind eye towards the evil perpetrated in the land were also judged for it.
  5. Four hundred virgins of Jabesh Gilead were used as vessels of redemption for the children of Benjamin who had survived the battle.

These 5 points have prophetic significance on Nigeria in this season that she is in.

  1. When evil is confronted, it fights back, and sometimes, though God gave His word, evil may win the battle, but it will never win the war. The onus is on the people seeking justice to never give up.
  2. The third battle’s strategy must change and the battle different.
  3. The victory is assured but it isn’t a celebration but a time to reflect on how the unsoiled ones must be redeemed.
  4. Those who faked ignorance and those who turned a blind eye to evil and injustice may suffer for it.
  5. Victory must not blind the victors, they must be magnanimous in victory. To explain further; one reason the conquerors haven’t entered into their victories is because they carry pointers that they will be blinded by the victory they so seek, therefore God in His magnanimity, delay their victory until they are broken enough to work out love even in conquest. So, they keep loosing until the third battle. And by the third battle, they now know what it means to lose.

The above is written in codes, I hope we understand it.

To the Church in Nigeria

A. On this day, I saw a revelation. In it, I saw that there was a big youth program that brought in thousands of people. It was a really large program and it was so massive that Pastor Adeboye who is driving in to come and bless the people found it difficult to navigate through the crowd. It was really overcrowded.

Pastor Adeboye peeped out of the roof of the car and begged the people to allow him to pass through that he was going to bless them from the altar and the program can go on but they all responded with a show of appreciation, support and they kept shouting in love for him.

Well, that’s what I thought was happening. But as I listened in, what was happening was hero worship; an expression of a fan club; it was “drawing near with the mouth but far with the heart”.

God said to me, “mantles of the older generation must drop unto the new generation but we have many youths who are contented with being fans than being true disciples, they want the glory but not the heart. Warn them to long for me with their hearts and not their mouths, for then, will they carry the mantles and become pillars that the kingdom of God will rest upon for the new day coming upon the church.”

Like God took of the Spirit upon Moses and placed it on 70 elders, God wants to do that again and He is raising young men but young men must migrate from being fans to being true followers.

B. On this same day, the Lord said to pray that Malawi is redeemed. I do not know much about the country’s history and current events but we must labor in prayers over the country.

To Nigeria

A. I saw the Nigerian Flag flying at half mast, and it seems to be a big national issue of great consequence. I wish I can say more but pray.

B. On the 20th of March 2023, I had a dream. In it, I saw Nigerian political parties that were known to be “small parties” joining forces together. It was like they were collapsing structures into structures, forming allies and partnerships, and celebrating them with novelties football matches, and things like that.

In this particular vision, I was going to ask that since the elections had been concluded, why the alliances and all? But the feeling I got back was, don’t worry, you just watch and see. It was as though the elections and all the partisan politics were still ongoing.

C. This is a prophetic warning to as many youths who care to listen. The Bible says, “We are not ignorant of the devices of the devil” (2 Corinthians 2:11). Sadly, many willingly choose to be thread carelessly on the edge of evil by causally and carelessly exposing themselves to these wiles and devices. You will do well to prayerfully call yourself to consecration and sanctification. Be wise!


Adesoji Fasanya

Team Lead, Eden House

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